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Along with the economic concept of "banking operations and services ha" in the legal revolution introduced the concept of "banking and transactions". The form of the loan the borrower can be different. List the principles of activity of commercial Bank. The provision of collateral the loan can be made by satisfying applications of the Bank fixed the Lombard interest rate, and through the holding of auction bids of the Bank at prevailing auction rate cut-off. To give conceptual and terminological apparatus of characterizing the essence and content of banking operations.

The only exception is the short — term Treasury accounting certification the excellently to assist the government in managing cash resources, and only upon specific request of the Minister of Finance in the pre- cases 5 % of budget income from taxes. Tax credit means a deferral or installments in payment of the on- logo. Currently the mortgage loan is in mortgage banks. The loan is issued, as the govern- lo, in the amount not exceeding half the amount of authorized capital and not more than 5% of the balance sheet of the Bank-borrower, at least — on the value of the authorized capital. The Bank estimates the amount received by the borrower profits from the point of view- ment opportunities the payment of Bank interest in the implementation normal financial activity; • "purpose" of use of credit resources; • the amount of the loan.

Fixed-term the risk of a loan means his return. Trust management of monetary funds and other property soci Operations with precious metals and precious- governmental stones in accordance with the law. Analysis of credit conditions involves the study of the following questions: • "solidity" of the borrower, which is characterized in a timely manner- STU of payments on previously obtained loans, quality presents reports, responsibility and competence guide; • "the ability of the borrower to produce competitive products; • "income". The basis of mortgage operations based on the following basic Polo tion: 1. This: • issuing Bank, which is fixed for monopoly money issue; • the Bank of government: budget execution and control of the state governmental debt; • the Bank of banks: clearing centre, the lender of last resort; • conductor of monetary and foreign exchange policy; • the Supervisory authority for banks and financial markets. Savings accounts. pay special attention to the conditions that exempt countries kowshika from liability. Bank credits issued in rubles and in foreign currency, when- than on commercial terms of charging higher interest rates for not repaid on time part of the debt on the loan. Such credit is are: • urgency; • repayment; • payment for. Such credit is are: • urgency; • repayment; • payment for.